Now 9-year-old Sam Gordon is even on Wheaties boxes

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Just when you thought 9-year-old mighty mite running back Sam Gordon had finally reached her cultural saturation point, now she's in your breakfast cereal aisle.

As unveiled on "Good Morning America," the best female running back in American youth football is now pictured on the front of Wheaties boxes in a grocery store near you. Gordon was interviewed by Josh Elliot and Co. on Friday and presented with the debut of a Wheaties box featuring Gordon in her full football get-up.

The 9-year-old South Jordan, Utah, native has become an international sensation after a YouTube video uploaded by her father exploded in a viral sharing fest less than three weeks ago. She's been featured here on Yahoo!, on the NFL Network and, now, even on "Good Morning America."

Throughout it all, Gordon has kept up her high spirits and remains shocked by every new appearance and honor that comes her way, as she showcased on GMA.

"What? That's awesome!" Gordon said when told she would be on the front of a Wheaties box. "That's awesome."

Gordon said the period since she jumped off the screen and into the American mainstream has "been awesome," with appearances across TV and even a practice cameo with the San Francisco 49ers crowding her family's holiday schedule.

Still, Gordon maintains that all the football fame that has come her way hasn't deterred her from her real goal, which is achieving soccer success. While football has been a high-profile sport for Gordon, European football remains her first love.

And if she ever does win a gold medal or World Cup with the U.S. women's soccer team? That might even make Gordon the first woman to appear on a Wheaties box while playing different sports.

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