N.J. RB duplicated Michael Dyer’s BCS title game TD run for game-changing score

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Remember when Michael Dyer broke the 2010 BCS Championship Game wide open by spinning out of a would-be tackle and scrambling for a touchdown? Three years later, a running back in New Jersey duplicated the feat exactly.

As captured by MaxPreps, Bridgeton (N.J.) High running back Stefon Bowman was carrying the ball in the first quarter against rival Lower Cape May (N.J.) High when he was dragged down at the 29 yard line. Or rather, he appeared to be dragged down there.

Instead, it turned out that Bowman was never tackled at all. Rather, he rolled over his prospective tackler, avoiding any contact with the ground and popping up for a game-changing touchdown run.

You can see Dyer's original TD run below if you care to compare the two.

Just like Oregon, Lower Cape May never recovered from the fluky touchdown, with Bridgeton rolling to a one-sided 68-8 victory. Something tells Prep Rally that Lower Cape May is likely to remember to keep playing to the whistle for the remainder of the season.

Luckily, they have more to go than Oregon did when Dyer made his great escape.

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