Move over MLB, 6-year-old Little Leaguer turns unassisted triple play

Only 15 players in Major League Baseball history have ever turned an unassisted triple play (with one coming in the World Series, in 1920 by Cleveland Indians second baseman Bill Wambsganss), where they have unilaterally been responsible for recording all three outs of a half inning by themselves on a single play.

Now those 15 baseball statistical icons have been joined by a 6-year-old. Really.

The video you see above -- which was brought to Prep Rally's attention by Deadspin and originally circulated on Reddit -- comes from a youth baseball game in Georgia, where the league's Dodgers and Braves teams in the first-grade division were facing off. With a Dodgers player at-bat, a pop-up floated directly to shortstop Ross Bernath, who nabbed it cleanly, raced back to touch third base and then chased down the advancing runner from second, all without enlisting the help of a single teammate.

And just think: He had to pull off those feats even quicker than they do in the bigs since he was playing on a diamond with basepaths significantly closer to each other.

Of course, those teammates hardly seemed to register what was going on. In fact, Bernath himself seemed to be confused about everything that was going on. For a guy who had just achieved a feat which is practically the unicorn or blue bear of baseball statistics, he had an awfully puzzled look on his face.

Then again, it's not every day that anyone, at any level, pulls off an unassisted triple play. Maybe Bernath just forgot there were only three outs in a half inning, or he lost track of how many outs he earned on the play.

No matter what the reason, thanks to YouTube, this youngster will never get to forget the day that he turned a triple play by himself. Bernath may never land another one-man triple play again, but that only makes his achievement -- and the adorable puzzlement it left the entire field of players in -- even more special.

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