The most unique football field in America is at a school in Utah

Cameron Smith

The Diamond Ranch Academy football field may be the nation's most unique — Diamondbacks football

There are plenty of unique football fields in prep football, be they red, blue or even black. At the end of the day, there's currently not much room for innovation in the realm of artistic expression on high school fields.

The Diamond Ranch athletic facilities are among Utah's best — Diamond Ranch Academy

Perhaps that will change once more people catch sight of the football field at Diamond Ranch Academy, a Hurricane, Utah residential treatment center for struggling youth which features a full, 100-yard center strip stylized after the school's Diamondback mascot. The center of the field design fills the entire space between the left and right hashmark for the entire length of the field.

As brought to Prep Rally's attention by USA Today, Diamond Ranch's unique field is part of a new facility project that the school completed as a wholesale upgrade to it's expansive campus. The fall 2013 season has seen the Diamondbacks host four games on the stripped turf already.

There's really nothing like the black-and-yellow patterned turf in high school football, at least to Prep Rally's knowledge. As far as we know, there isn't a similar facility in college football either, and Diamond Ranch claims that the "logo" -- i.e., the enormous field-long strip -- is the largest on any football field in the country.
In fact, the closest thing to the Diamondbacks' new turf may be this mythical field from the Oliver Stone movie 'Any Given Sunday', albeit with the elongated strip produced horizontally rather than vertically. Even the fabricated Dallas Knights' field wasn't as cool looking as Diamond Ranch Academy's.

Diamond Ranch's full-field design strip is like a yellow brick road to the end zone — Diamond Ranch Academy

Will the Diamond Ranch field revolutionize field design in high school football? Only time will tell. It certainly can't hurt, and it might just keep away the prospect of fuscia-tinted turf for a few more years, too.

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