Missouri prep football player pleads guilty to assault charges stemming from in-game incident

Prep Rally

A Platte County (Mo.) High football player pled guilty to assault charges this week for an incident that occurred during a game against Kansas City's Winnetonka High this past October.

Platte County's Colin Byrd, 18, was sentenced to two years probation, 100 hours of community service and an anger management course for allegedly ripping the helmet off Winnetonka's Jake Rosebaugh and striking him in the head with it during a block on a touchdown run, according to WDAF-TV (h/t Big Lead).

The local FOX affiliate has grainy video of the altercation. In the video, Rosebaugh appears to land a block along the near sideline well behind a Winnetonka scoring play, and Byrd can be seen tugging at his opponent's helmet as the two fall to the ground. According to the Kansas City Star, "game footage showed Byrd bringing the helmet behind his back and swinging it forward." Byrd was reportedly ejected, and one official told WDAF-TV that the incident was the worst he'd seen in 20 years of prep football.

Rosebaugh suffered a severe concussion, missed 14 weeks of school and still suffers from depression, anxiety and memory loss, his father Curtis Rosebaugh told WDAF-TV. Byrd reportedly read an apology to Jake Rosebaugh, who told the FOX affiliate he did not want to see his rival spend time in jail. 

"This is a rare case where something that happens on an athletic field becomes criminal in nature," Platte County prosecutor Eric Zahnd told the Kansas City Star. "But we believed that what happened that night was not within the bounds of a normal football game, that while the possibility of injury exists on every football play, a player does not consent to having his own helmet ripped from his head and beaten by it."

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