Missouri high school will start girl at QB

Missouri high school will start girl at QB

The starting quarterback on the Liberty North (Kansas City, MO.) freshman football team will be catching a lot of attention this fall. For the first time in school history, a girl will be calling the shots.

Brooke Liebsch has been playing Pop Warner football for six years. "I used to play soccer and I didn’t like it," she told Kansas City’s WDAF. "Then, one day, I caught a football and I’m like, I want to play football. Let’s go."

Making her the starter is such an obvious choice, coach Brian Rockers told WDAF, that it’s hardly gaining attention in town. He went as far as saying that it’s actually easier to coach her than some of the boys.

“Girls listen a lot better than guys do for some reason,” he said. “That’s just the way it is. She allows us to coach and she lets us coach her and she listens.”

She’s also willing to play any position on the field. If there’s a spot she prefers to avoid, it’s those traditionally given to females on high school teams, like placeholder and offensive line.

“Girls can do anything a guy can do. Girls can be just as strong as a guy. There’s a lot of them that play football,” she told the local FOX affiliate. “Some girls say girls shouldn’t play football, which I don’t get why, because girls can do anything guys can do.”

Her teammates agree.

“She plays like everybody else out there,” freshman receiver A.J. Wood said. “She works out like us. Nothing different about her, I guess. She’s a part of the football team.”


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