Miraculous Maryland Hail Mary is a game-winner

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Undefeated. Down 20-19. Two seconds left. What do you do?

According to the Washington Post, if you're Springdale (Md.) C.H. Flowers High quarterback Johnathan Holland, you say a quick prayer and then let rip with a pass that travels more than 50 yards to the right side of the the Bladensburg (Md.) High end zone. Then you go and jump on top of your teammates to celebrate one of the more miraculous finishes in high school football this season after your team's 25-20, final second victory.

"It's a once in a lifetime play," Holland told the Post.

"I didn't know what to say. I just ran [to the end zone] and jumped on [celebrating teammates]. I was the first one down there from the 50-yard line. It was like a Brett Favre play."

As you can see above, the game-winning touchdown as time expired had a bit of that Favre-like panache to it. And while Holland deserves plenty of praise for having the arm to launch a football far enough to complete a 49-yard Hail Mary, the man who may deserve even more credit is Flowers wide receiver Keith Payne, who pulled in the miraculous grab.

In fact, saying pulled in might be a bit of an understatement. What Payne did was cut off a ball that was descending in a direct trajectory into the teeth of waiting defenders, somehow grab it nearly one-handed with his left hand, then stride out the final five yards before Bladensburg defenders even knew what happened.

That set off wild celebrations among anyone in Flowers colors, all while Bladensburg's secondary members lay on the field inconsolable.

Will the Jaguars' final play go down as one of the great Hail Marys of all time? Maybe it will, maybe it won't. Yet it certainly will always stand out in the memory of a Maryland kid who always dreamed of completing that exact pass.

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