Minnesota QB channels his inner Manziel on game-winning Hail Mary with no time left

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Watch out Johnny Manziel and Kordell Stewart and miracle-making quarterbacks everywhere. You've got company in the form of a high school quarterback in Minnesota.

As brought to Prep Rally's attention by USA Today, the play you see above was brought to life by Irondale High (Irondale, Minn.) quarterback Jared Brenny. With no time on the clock after the snap and Irondale trailing Fridley High (Fridley, Minn.) 22-19, Brenny knew he had to buy some time for his receivers to get downfield. Fridley didn't want to cooperate, sending five defensive linemen to chase down Brenny before he could get off a strong pass downfield.

The Fridley linemen did their job, too, forcing Brenny to scramble wildly in the backfield just to avoid a sack. Just when it looked like he was going to go down, Brenny channeled his inner Manziel or Kaepernick, stopped on a dime and cut back to earn himself one or two final seconds.

That time proved to be all the difference, with Brenny then launching a pass as far as he could throw it downfield. The ball traveled a good 50 yards in the air and then magically found the hands of Irondale receiver Matt Jarrett, who had slipped behind the Fridley defensive back line.

He made the catch -- how cruel would it have been if he dropped the ball? -- then trotted to the end zone for one of the season's more magical comebacks to complete the 25-22 win.

Given that Irondale led the game 19-0 at one point, it was perhaps only fitting that they find a way to rally and escape with a win. That it happened in such wild circumstances only adds a memorable gloss to what was clearly an entertaining game throughout.

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