Middle schooler vomits twice during same play, still makes TD-saving tackle

The next time a player doesn't play to the whistle, he or she can be shown this video as a powerful shaming tool.

We don't know too much about the full circumstances that led to the remarkable turn of events in the video above, but we do know this: The youngster's name is Tanner Dominick, and he competes for the Holy Trinity Catholic Middle School (Charlotte, N.C.) eighth grade football team.

In this instance, Holy Trinity was facing off against Marvin Ridge Middle School (Waxhaw, N.C.), and there was something bothering Dominick's stomach.

Incredibly, despite projectile vomiting just before the snap and again as the play ebbed to the right, it was Dominick who came through with a touchdown-saving tackle as the Marvin Ridge running back streaked toward the end zone. That's perseverance.

Since this video was first unearthed by the magical folks at Bob's Blitz, some have questioned precisely what young Tanner was losing so voluminously on the football field. Plenty have speculated that he simply drank too much water and then immediately returned to action.

That's very possible, but boy, that is a lot of water.

Either way, Dominick deserves a solid gold star for refusing to give up on a play, even as his stomach apparently tried to give up on him.

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