Middle school phenom Mark Vital strikes again, nearly knocks over defender with foot on massive dunk

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

To say that Mark Vital is an impressive athlete is an understatement. The 6-foot-3 shooting guard can slash, shoot and weave his way through most defenses. And boy can he dunk.

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Yet what always stands out is Vital's astounding athleticism given his young age; The teen still hasn't set foot in a high school classroom, yet he throws down slams like the one you see before, where he came through with such force that he practically kicked another teen out of the way.

As you can see in the video above, Vital took the ball on a fastbreak and handled things all by himself. When one defender was left in his path, Vital elevated as if to go right over him and earn a picture perfect poster dunk.

Instead, the defender — who had been bracing to take a charge — backed off as quickly as humanly possible. Then, as if to add injury to insult, Vital still almost kicked him in the head because he had elevated that high on the slam.

The dunk would be worthy of a slot on almost any highlight reel, but it's particularly notable because of where it took place: the ScoutsFocus All American camp, which featured fellow prep luminaries like Jamar Ergas, A.J. Lapray and Will Ferguson, among other top prospects.

You can read plenty more about Vital's performance during the rest of the event from Recruit Scoop's Alex Kline right here, and you can see plenty more of Vital's explosiveness and slick handling skills after his dunk above.

As he's now proved at least twice in three months, Vital is a name worth watching on the prep hoops scene, both for fans of any number of top collegiate programs and for other players who just might need to keep track of who to stay far away from on a fastbreak.

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