Michigan WR holds on for catch despite being lifted in a wrestling move

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

When Michigan coaches tell their young charges to hold on to the ball until the whistle blows, they listen. Just check out Indian River (Mi.) Inland Lakes High wide receiver Spencer Hutchinson for example.

As you can see above, Hutchinson was the subject of a wild rodeo-style play that was less tackle and more wrestling suplex during his team's game against Johannesburg-Lewiston (Mi.) High. Somehow, despite being pushed forward for multiple yards and eventually driven into the turf, he held on.

The pass wasn't good for a touchdown, nor a game-sealing first down or anything like that. The game was already beyond Inland Lakes at that point, though the catch did pave the way for one final touchdown to close the gap to 44-30.

What's more significant is the pride it showed for Hutchinson and his teammates. They weren't giving up on the game, and he sure wasn't giving up on that catch. Bravo.

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