Michigan team loses when foe returns potential game-winning kick for a TD with no time left

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Remember when Brother Rice School (Detroit, Mich.) knocked off De La Salle Collegiate (Warren, Mich.) on a last-second Hail Mary in September? The loss was a painful one for De La Salle, and seemed destined to land in the pantheon for punch-to-the-gut losses in 2013.

Hard as it may be to believe, De La Salle may have found an even more frustrating and unlikely way to lose with no time on the clock.

As you can see fro the video above, De La Salle was lining up for a potential game-winning kick against Catholic Central High (Novi, Mich.) when everything that could have possibly gone wrong did. Rather than walk off with a win following a monumental 57-yard field goal, kicker Jake Townsley's attempt fell 10 yards short, was fielded at the 1 yard line by Central Catholic return man Zach Bock and returned all the way for a touchdown.

Bock's 99-yard sprint to the end zone came with no time on the clock and handed Central Catholic a 20-14 victory that seemed particularly unlikely just moments before.

In fact, it never would have been possible if Bock hadn't made the decision to line up for a potential return on his own. The Central Catholic star told MLive that he moved back into position near the goal line simply because he was surprised that De La Salle was even attempting a 57-yard game-winner.

"I noticed he got into position at the last minute right before the kick actually," Central Catholic Tom Mach told MLive. "We didn't have time to plan for it with no timeouts. We were just hoping they would miss and we could get the chance for overtime."

They got a lot more than the bargained for, thanks to Bock's quick thinking and quicker feet.

"I was a bit surprised they were going to try the field goal attempt," Bock told MLive. "Give credit to the defense, they kept us in the game, all the way up to holding them at a distance for a difficult attempt."

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