Massachusetts soccer players charged with rape after assaults at team building camp

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

A horrifying incident is unfolding in Boston where three junior varsity soccer players at Somerville (Ma.) High have been charged with rape in connection with an incident that unfolded at a team building camp.

As reported by the Boston Globe, CBS Boston and a handful of other local news outlets, 17-year-old Galileo Mondol and two of his 16-year-old teammates, whose identities have not been released because they are still minors, have been arrested and charged with rape in connection with an incident that unfolded at a camp in Western Massachusetts. The three teens, who are all juniors at the school, allegedly broke into a cabin that was being inhabited by freshman at an all-sports, pre-back-to-school team building camp. Once inside, the three teenagers reportedly sexually assaulted three different victims.

The Globe more precisely described the charges against the teenagers below:

Mondol is being charged with one count of aggravated rape of a child under the age of 16, two counts of assault with intent to rape a child under 16, one count of indecent assault and battery, three counts of assault and battery and three counts of witness intimidation. The two juvenile suspects, whose names were not released, will be arraigned on similar charges.

The charges have thrown Somerville, a middle class town just across the river from Boston and adjoining Cambridge, into chaos. In total, 161 Somerville High students were at the camp in the Western Massachusetts town of Otis, with 19 adult supervisors.

The violent nature of the case has already inspired Somerville Mayor Joseph Curatone to come forward and speak out against the alleged actions.

"These allegations go far beyond hazing. This is rape," Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone said in a news conference. …

"Our immediate focus after reporting the incident to the appropriate authorities was providing support services to the victims, students, and the families. That remains our focus now," Mayor Curatone said.

Curatone emphasized that the incident appears to be isolated.

"In no way are these allegations a reflection on the team, our kids, [or] our community," he said.

Only time will tell how long it will take for the wounds caused by the sexual assault to heal, but Somerville soccer coach George Scarpelli said that he was focused on keeping his squad together in truly unprecedented circumstances.

"It's not an easy situation. But it's something that our kids are standing up and being very strong," Scarpelli told the Globe. "I have good boys and they're standing very strong together."

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