Massachusetts is home to some historically unique mascots

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Ashland is as proud of being the Clockers as Massachusetts is of being revolutionary — Facebook
Ashland is as proud of being the Clockers as Massachusetts is of being revolutionary — Facebook

Massachusetts is a state rich with history and heritage. It was the site of the nation’s first public school (in Boston, of course) and has hosted scholastic sports from a period shortly thereafter. As a result, one would assume that the mascots would be imaginative and unique.

Luckily, the Bay State does not disappoint.

In fact, to Prep Rally’s mind, Massachusetts has no fewer than four terrificly unique mascots, all of which have a clever tie-in to town history. Of those four, USA Today readers determined that the Ashland (Mass.) High Clockers were the pick of the litter.

There’s a very good reason why Ashland plays as the Clockers; the most distinctive feature of Ashland -- a classic small New England town complete with terrific town square right along the Boston Marathon route (and was host to the marathon's original starting line) -- is that the town was the home of the first electric clock.

Thus, it was a natural decision to name the school’s teams the Clockers, though that nickname has understandably taken on a different double-entendre in the years since. After all, a team that will “clock” you doesn’t necessarily make one immediately think that it will present them with a modern time keeping device, even if perhaps it should.


Other Great Massachusetts Mascots of Note:

If the Clockers are Massachusetts’ best, the Worcester (Mass.) Holy Name Central Catholic High Naps aren’t far behind. Yes, the Naps. In this case, Naps are short for Napoleons, though why a Catholic high school in one of the nation’s most traditionally patriotic states would use a former French military dictator as a mascot is still anyone’s guess.

Perhaps because he was Catholic?

It’s hard to argue with the Salem (Mass.) High Witches, too. Salem, famously, was the site of the Salem witch trials in the early colonial days, and still bears hallmarks of the trials which scarred the town and nation. No word on whether athletes on the bench press ask trainers to put on “More Weight” when they’re lifting.

In terms of sheer uniqueness, the state’s best is probably housed at Arlington (Mass.) High, which competes as the Spy Ponders. While the mascot makes one think of someone from the CIA hanging around a body of water, it’s actually named for the body of water itself; Arlington, in suburban Boston, is home to Spy Pond … and now the Spy Ponders.

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