Massachusetts announcers lose it over blown backwards lateral call

Maybe we spoke too soon when we proclaimed a pair of announcers from Arkansas the biggest overreacting homers in the land last week. It turns out they have some stiff competition from the state of Massachusetts.

2010_1022_Abington_vs_Rockland_Touchdown_Nullified from Norm Caseley on Vimeo.

The video you see above comes from last Friday's pitched battle between Abington and Rockland, both of which entered at 6-0, in which Rockland eventually pulled out a 21-12 win. That final scoreline is notable because of the play above -- which, to be fair, truly is an obvious backwards lateral -- which was returned by Abington for what should have been a touchdown.

[Rewind video: Announcer has crazy outburst after Bruins win]

Instead, officials ruled the ball dead as an incomplete pass, which is precisely when the announcers from Abington completely lost it. It's hard to narrow down complete highlights of the final 50 seconds of the full 56-second clip, but we'll try to put them in hierarchical order:

• "BOOOOOOOO!" -- Said in a voice that can only be described as an uncanny imitation of Chris Farley screaming.

• "Nuts and bolts, we got screwed." -- Another immediate contender for the new "Boom goes the dynamite."

• "NO! NO WAY! ABSOLUTELY NOT! ABSOLUTELY NOT! ABSOLUTELY NOT!" -- Think the color commentator disagrees with the incomplete pass call?

• "[Clattering of microphone when color commentator goes to yell at officials out of the press box window.]" -- Probably the most underrated hilarious moment of the clip.

• "IT'S A LATERAL! IT'S A LATERAL! IT'S A LATERAL! GO! GO! YES! YAAAAHOOO! TOUCHDOWN, MATT MUSKEEEEGANNNN!" -- Pretty self-explanatory what was going on here.

That's pretty much as comprehensive a breakdown as you could need, though Abington might want to milk the situation a little more. The loss was the first at home for the Green Wave since 2004, and a touchdown deep in the fourth quarter there might have drastically changed things.

For the rest of us, it seems a safe assumption that the joy of hearing those announcers is worth a lot more than a correct call.

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