Mass. school scores upset win on crazy fumble return TD with no time remaining

Cameron Smith

Much has been made about Green Bay's loss to the Bengals because of Terrence Newman's wild fumble return. That's nothing compared to what happened in Massachusetts on Friday night where created a fumble return to win the game with no time remaining.

As reported by Salem News, Danvers High (Danvers, Ma.) scored a stunning upset against Peabody High (Peabody, Ma.) when Danvers defensive back Alex Valles crashed in and stripped the ball from Peabody running back Alex Santos with only seconds remaining in the game. Favored Peabody was well within field goal range with less than 20 seconds remaining in the game and appeared to be positioning itself for a game-winning kick.

That's when Valles stripped the ball along the left sideline, scooped up the loose ball and raced upfield, eventually carrying it 85 yards for a go-ahead touchdown. By the time Valles cross the goal line, all the time on the clock had evaporated, giving Danbury a stunning win just when it appeared to be on the rocks.

"I saw the ball and I went for it. I stripped it away and just started running," Valles told the Salem News. "We have that mentality where we came come back from anything. We have confidence in ourselves and our teammates."

They should have confidence in the fates, too, after one of the more wild finishes of the season at any level.

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