Mandatory Halloweeen costumes at fall prep baseball game

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

It's not unknown for high school football programs -- and sometimes volleyball or soccer programs -- to encourage their fans to show up at the games most closely scheduled to Halloween in traditional costumes. It's a quirky prep pastime that sometimes lends an air of levity to games which can otherwise get caught up in the pressure of a late season playoff push.

Simi Valley baseball coach Matt LaBelle
Simi Valley baseball coach Matt LaBelle

But a team asking all of its players to show up in costumes? That has to be a first.

Incredibly, that's what's happening with the Simi Valley (Calif.) High baseball team on Friday, with the team playing a seven-inning game where the players are required to show up in costume.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the very-Halloween themed game was the idea of longtime Simi Valley coach Matt La Belle (pictured above), who insisted that the one-time costumed event be mandatory so that all of his players would have to look and feel out of place rather than just a few performing as Teen Wolf and Spiderman amongst a group of jersey-clad teammates.

As for what La Belle will be wearing himself, he wouldn't divulge that secret when pushed on the matter by Times' reporter Eric Sondheimer.

"I can't reveal that," La Belle said when asked what costume he'll be wearing.

Regardless of who he shows up as, one thing is certain: Friday's game will almost surely be the only time he walks to the mound to pull a superhero, matador or possibly even Indiana Jones from a baseball game.

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