Man charged after refusing to stop hitting golf balls so youth soccer team could practice

Cameron Smith
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An Indiana man was charged with public intoxication after launching one of the least excusable attacks one will ever encounter: He allegedly started a fight with a youth soccer coach who needed him to stop hitting golf balls on the area soccer fields so his team could practice.

John Michalik — Porter County Sheriff's Department
John Michalik — Porter County Sheriff's Department

As reported by the Northwest Indiana Times of Munster, 54-year-old Liberty Township, Indiana resident John Michalik was arrested and charged with public intoxication shortly after 5 p.m. on Tuesday after Chesterton, Indiana police forces were called to the Dogwood Park soccer fields to respond to a report of a public altercation at the scene.

When police officials arrived, Michalik reportedly began yelling at the police (note: this is never a good idea, particularly while drinking alcohol) and launched into a rather amusing -- if implausible, given his alcoholic impairment -- defense of his actions based on the concept that he was allegedly attempting to try to teach one of the children on the soccer team how to kick a ball after he had been forced to stop hitting golf balls.

Naturally, the officers didn't buy Michalik's excuse, and sided with the unnamed youth coach, who claimed, according to SportsbyBrooks, that the man began arguing with him when he was told that the team needed him to stop hitting golf balls so the team's practice could take place.

If there were any questions about the 54 year old's sobriety, they were quickly cleared up when he admitted to drinking four glasses of wine while he was hitting golf balls. While it is unknown if (or how much) alcohol he consumed before he began golfing, his official blood alcohol content was 0.24, according to the Times. Unsurprisingly, Michalik also failed a series of field sobriety tests on the scene.

There was no word on whether Michalik had been re-released from police custody -- there is no reason to believe that he would still be in jail -- but it seems safe to assume that he won't spent too much time drinking wine at the local soccer fields while hitting golf balls when he is back in the community.

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