Coach fires gun at opposing coach during rec game

Danielle Elliot
Courtesy Philadelphia police
Courtesy Philadelphia police

A coach of a Southwest Philadelphia recreational league basketball team fired a gun at the opposing team's coach during a game on Saturday, according to a police report.

The league is for 14-16-year-old boys. The coach who allegedly fired the gun, Maurice Tavares, is 26 years old.

The game was played at the Christy Recreation Center (CRC).

Tavares' team had the lead in the second half, but the CRC team was starting to mount a comeback. At that point, Tavares reportedly started arguing with a fan.

Before long, the CRC coach, whose name was not given, joined in, apparently trying to calm down Tavares. The altercation quickly escalated. According to

Tavares then began exchanging profanities with the coach, told the spectator to "shut up," and told the coach to go to the other side of the gymnasium, according to police. Tavares began walking backward, police said, reaching into his waistband, pulling out a gun and firing one shot as he moved toward the gym's exit.

"By the grace of God, no one was struck by the gunfire," Lt. John Walker said.  "When the gun went off, everyone ran from the rec center."

Police say Tavares ran with them, right to his car, and drove away. There is a warrant for Tavares' arrest and police are continuing to look for him.

The detective leading the investigation was not available to comment to Prep Rally.