Longest football winning streak in nation is over after Pennsylvania rout

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

It's over. It took four years, but someone finally knocked off Clairton High (Clairton, Pa.).

On Friday night, Moneseen High (Monessen, Pa.) breezed past Clairton by a score of 42-24. They jumped out to a 28-0 lead and never looked back. That might normally just seem like a normal night between two strong Pennsylvania squads, but Clairton is so much more. The Pittsburgh-area powerhouse had not lost a game in 1,076 days. That's 66 games.

With the game fully out of reach with fewer than 4:00 remaining, the Monessen announcer even took to the stadium loudspeakers to drive a firm but comforting nail in the coffin of the streak, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune Review.

"This has been an incredible run that may not be seen again in this area in some time, if ever. Congratulations to Monessen on the win and being the team to end the streak."

The defensive lapses that avoided 42 points was almost as notable as the Clairton streak itself. According to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, the Bears defense had not yielded 42 points in a single game since 2003.

Perhaps it's fitting that the team that Clairton beat to start the streak was the squad to end it. As noted by MaxPreps, Monessen was on the wrong end of a 46-0 rout in 2009 that delivered enough momentum to push Clairton on for nearly half a decade.

At long last that's over, though hardly forgotten. If anything, it can serve as a reminder of the fact that all dominance eventually fades, something for the current holders of the nation's longest winning streak -- Ithaca High (Ithaca, Mi.) and Regina High (Iowa City, Ia.) -- to bear in mind.

For Clairton, the streak is over, but the pride clearly remains.

“We're all born in Clairton,” Bears freshman running back Lamont Wade told the Tribune Review. “It's either our dads played with each other or our uncles. It just keeps on going and going.

“We want to add our mark in history."

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