Little League World Series ump is using absolutely ridiculous strike out calls

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

This man is taking the whole Little League umpiring game way too seriously.

After exhaustive research (yes, we went back and watched the entire archived ESPN broadcast of the game to try and get the umpire's name) Prep Rally was unable to determine precisely who served as the umpire in Chula Vista, California's 15-3 win against Newark, Delaware in the preliminary round that you see above. Regardless of who he is, he is a lunatic when it comes to sending kids back to the dugout.

It's one thing to use an exaggerated hand motion as he does with his right hand after each strike. That he brings his leg along for a full-fledged leg kick with the violent punch out motion familiar to all strikeouts is entirely too much.

Has he thought about how that makes the recently vanquished batter feel? Has he considered what striking out on national television does to a young man's psyche?

Has he consulted Chris Drury to find out?

Sure, it's just a game until someone gets hurts. And feelings count, people. Tone it down, ump. Also, just in case he was feeling too good about himself, Jose Canseco thinks he stinks.

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