Let this serve as proof that Jonathan Ogden was always an enormous human being

Cameron Smith

St. Albans RB Phil Perry had the right idea here: Run behind the man-mountain — Flickr/StAlbansSchool

In honor of Jonathan Ogden's recent induction into the NFL Hall of Fame, his high school alma mater, Washington (D.C.) St. Albans School, released old black and white photos of the lineman as a prep star on Flickr. Needless to say, they are startling.

If there were ever any doubt, we can now all rest assured that Jonathan Ogden was always an extremely large man. Heck, he probably came out of the womb at 4-foot-5 and 175. He's just that big.

Now he's a Hall of Famer. Good luck containing all that man, Canton.

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It's a good thing Ogden was a patient teen; he easily could have crushed a teammate and sports anchor — Flickr/StAlbansSchool

Guess which player is Jonathan Ogden? If you can't tell, you might need stronger glasses — Flickr/StAlbansSchool