At last, Roosevelt's Rough 'Ryders' can 'Ride' again

At long last, the nightmare affecting the legacy of one of history's greatest presidents is over. No, we're not talking about the legions of infidelity stories that have hit every leader from Thomas Jefferson to Franklin Roosevelt to Bill Clinton. We're talking about Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders, and their allegedly outdated nickname.

As we wrote about here at Prep Rally last week -- following an expose in the Washington Post that was equal parts effective, efficient and low key -- the Theodore Roosevelt (D.C.) High basketball team ordered uniforms with their traditional "Riders" (short for "Rough Riders") nickname embroidered across the front, only to receive jerseys proclaiming them the "Ryders."

After complaining about the mistake to the uniform vendor, the school was told it would have to return the jerseys for them to be fixed correctly. You can see the unfortunate uniform error in action in this photo gallery.

Perhaps all that vendor needed was a little more motivation. According to the Post, following the paper and Prep Rally's coverage of the team's uniform shortcomings, the vendor arrived on campus the next day with corrected home jerseys, with the appropriate "Riders" name emblazoned across the front. He also took the erroneous blue jerseys back with him, and was expected to have all the "Y"s replaced with "I"s before they were needed again in the coming week.

Roosevelt athletic director Daryl Tilghman said it was clear that the exposure of the mishap -- complete with the vendors excuse that "Ryders" was the cooler way to spell the historic nickname -- helped push the episode to its resolution.

"I had so many lawyers calling me," Tilghman said, "you would've thought there were a bunch of ambulances outside my building."

If Prep Rally helped at all in this cause, we're glad we could be of some very small service. At the same time, it hardly seems that Tilghman needs help getting attention for his program. Given his phenomenal quotes the past couple of weeks, we're tempted to show up at a game with a cup of coffee just to chat with him in hopes of more verbal gems.

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