Land of Enchantment’s mascots are a blend of off-kilter and authentic

Cameron Smith
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New Mexico is a unique state. Culturally, it has strong overtones of Mexican and Native American heritage. It's weather blows both hot and cold (literally) and its mountainous terrain is at once both soothingly scenic and imposing.

Victory Christian is New Mexico's top mascot, with a very un-New Mexico feel — Facebook
Victory Christian is New Mexico's top mascot, with a very un-New Mexico feel — Facebook

Perhaps fittingly, it's best high school mascots are interesting but not entirely unique. Case in point: The Land of Enchantment's top mascot are the Centurions of Albuquerque (N.M.) Victory Christian Academy.

Don't get Prep Rally wrong; there aren't very many Centurions around the country, and it's quite fitting for a Christian school to utilize a mascot that has both Biblical and military overtones. Yet, for a state where Native American culture plays such a key cultural role, there is something slightly off-putting about rampaging, crusading Roman Centurions being honored as the state's best mascot.

Of course, when nearly 75 percent of voters in a contest select one mascot, it's hard to argue against that being the best on the board. That gives Victory Christian plenty of buy-in, even at the cost of a couple other strong alternatives across the state.


Other Great New Mexico Mascots of Note:

Looking for something cool and different? Go to Santa Fe. It turns out that logic is not only true in art, but also when it comes to prep sports mascots. The Santa Fe (N.M.) Tierra Encantada High sports teams play as the Alacranes. If you don't know what an Alacrane is you might want to check a Spanish-English dictionary and watch your feet. The school adopted the Spanish scorpions in part because it would match up with the school's Spanish name (Tierra Encantada translates as "Enchanted Land"). Fittingly, the Alacranes are known to pack plenty of sting in competition.

It's hard to come up with a better thematic mascot fit than the Carlsbad (N.M.) High Cavemen. The Carlsbad Caverns are a collection of the many of the nation's largest and most historic caves. No one could argue with the school's dedication of its teams to its signature attraction.

What could be special about the Fort Sumner (N.M) High Foxes? It might not seem like much, but Fort Sumner does do one notable thing that the nation's other Fox-labeled teams tend to overlook; it dubbed its girls teams the Vixens. A girls sports team named the Vixens? Something tells Prep Rally everyone wants to play for the Vixens. After all, who doesn't want to be a Vixen?

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