Kentucky witnesses high school finish reminiscent of Cal-Stanford

It's not a stretch to say the final two seconds of Friday night's matchup between Butler (Ky.) High and Pleasure Ridge Park (Ky.) High were two of the most exciting ticks of a clock in high school sports history. In all, they included 15 points, one team's kickoff return through a sea of a celebrating opponent, an incredibly gutsy two-point conversion and the clear oversight of any number of possible penalties. Not bad for a dramatic finish.

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The eventual scorer of the touchdown you see above was Brenton Caldwell, who said he and his teammates kept working the ball upfield through laterals -- at least a few of which were somewhat questionable -- because they never heard a whistle.

"We kept lateraling the ball, maybe five or six times," Caldwell told the Louisville Courier-Journal. "Several times, I thought our guys went down, but we kept on playing. We didn't hear a whistle."

[Video: High school receiver's amazing behind-the-back touchdown grab]

That fact is being debated by PRP, which thought it had wrapped up a huge win when quarterback Spencer Sumpter scored on a 1-yard qaurterback-keeper, leaving just 1.8 seconds on the clock. That allowed for just enough time for the ensuing kickoff, which created all the drama you see above.

After all was said and done, PRP coach Jason Hiser said he and his team began to run on the field because they heard a whistle indicating a Butler player had been touched down. Yet Hiser didn't question the lack of a celebration penalty following the touchdown. Considering that one Butler player performed an acrobatic dunk on the goalpost, one easily could have been assessed.

Instead, Butler quarterback J.D. Morgan finished off his team's 42-41 miracle comeback by converting a two-point conversion with his legs, tucking the ball when none of his receivers were open and racing into the end zone while the Butler sideline exploded.

[Video: Acrobatic hurdle leads to incredible touchdown run]

As amazing as the play was, the sportsmanship between the teams was equally notable. Just moments after the final two-point conversion, the teams lined up for a typically civil postgame handshake, as you can see below. Then you can see a heck of a postgame coach's speech from Butler's Scott Carmony, who immediately turned to his assistant coaches wondering whose idea it was to go for two on the final play. Guess he trusts his help, huh?

"It was California-Stanford and Kentucky-LSU all over," Carmony told the Courier-Journal. "It was just unbelievable. Lucky? We'll take all the luck we can get any day of the week."

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