New Jersey hockey semifinal features one of the hits of the year

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

The Non-Public New Jersey Interscholastic Athletic Association semifinal between Delbarton (N.J.) School and Paramus (N.J.) Catholic School wasn’t particularly close. Delbarton flexed its superior skill, speed and strength to roll to a 10-1 victory en route to a state title face off against Ramsey (N.J.) Don Bosco High.

Perhaps strength was the most clear cut advantage in that group, as demonstrated ably by the total clear out in the video you see above.

As brought to Prep Rally’s attention by The Big Lead’s Stephen Douglas, the hit on that break was both legal and remarkably powerful. It’s unknown who the Paramus Catholic and Delbarton skaters in question are, but we do know that, fitting for the result, the Delbarton player was the one laying the timber.

What’s even more amazing than the ferocity of the hit is that it was completely legal; the Paramus Catholic skater rolled right into it. If nothing else, it will ensure that he starts working more on skating with his head up immediately.

Yet there could have been a few other ancillary benefits, too. After all, if the man moving up the ice had any kind of nasal congestion at the start of that break, he certainly didn’t by the time he was laying face down on the ice.

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