Jeremy Lin Skypes with 5-year-old after seeing youngster’s heartbreaking YouTube video

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

The disappointment was as predictable as a heatwave in August. When Knicks point guard sensation Jeremy Lin signed with the Rockets and the Knicks opted not to match the now-Houston star's massive offer sheet, young Knicks fans were despondent.

None were more upset than one particular 5-year-old Linsanity victim named Naim, whose heartbroken reactions were recorded and uploaded to YouTube for posterity, just as those of children who were crushed to learn of the departures of Brandon Jacobs and Steve Nash.

Yet all was not lost for Naim. As noted by the blog Angry Asian Man, Lin took a page from Jacobs' playbook, going far out of his way to cater a personal appeal to the elementary schooler, connecting with the youngster over Skype.

Perhaps most touchingly, Lin openly advocated that the 5-year-old keep cheering for the Knicks, the very franchise that had just turned its back on him.

If that isn't a classy move, Prep Rally doesn't know what is.

In total, Lin's Skype session with Naim lasted nearly 10 minutes, no small feat for a real-time social media interaction with a 5-year-old. After all, that's nearly a "Sesame Street" episode.

Naturally, it would be impossible for Lin to reach out to all of his disappointed fans, but getting to see him do so for one lucky fan was special enough. For Lin, having a 5-year-old jubilantly wield a "Linsanity" foam finger while talking to him on Skype might be a fitting epitaph to a brief but brilliant New York career as well.

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