J.V. team pulls off a rare 5-3-6 triple play

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A J.V. baseball team in Maryland completed a rather unique triple play this week: the 5-3-6. 

The play started with runners on first and second. The batter grounded to third, where the third baseman Brody Cullison fielded it cleanly and tagged the approaching runner. He then fired it to first base, catching the batter for the double play. When Cullison released the ball, the runner who had originally been at first base (and was now at second) took off for third. 

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First baseman Craig Wood fired the ball right back, this time to shortstop Cole Slembecker, who had enough game awareness to cover third. He slapped the tag down just in time, completely the triple play. 

The play lasted 10 seconds. Ten seconds to get out of a two-on, no-out jam. That's an impressive play at any level. 


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