J.J. Watt tracks down 6-year-old who wanted to marry him, proposes to her for one-day fake marriage

Cameron Smith
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Amidst all of the talk about Ray Lewis' deer antler spray and Dan Marino's love child, some of the good stories in the NFL have been overshadowed during Super Bowl week. Now, a superstar from a team not playing in Sunday's game has made a powerful play to steal the spotlight, all by doing the right thing.

J.J. Watt proposes to Breanna, his biggest 6-year-old fan — Facebook
J.J. Watt proposes to Breanna, his biggest 6-year-old fan — Facebook

America, J.J. Watt apparently really is a good guy. After seeing video of a 6-year-old Texans fan bawling because she was not old enough to marry the Texas defensive lineman, Watt tracked her down on Facebook. The All-Pro offered to meet his biggest (and perhaps youngest) fan in person, but actually had much bigger plans in store.

As brought to Prep Rally's attention by Deadspin, when the two met, Watt brought flowers and a ring pop. He got down on one knee and asked young Breanna to be his "pretend wife for the day." She accepted, took the ring and gave Watt a huge hug.

In fact, Breanna gave Watt lots of hugs. She posed for pictures with him wearing both her Texans outfit (Texans shirt and little Ugg-style boots) and the J.J. Watt game jersey he gave her. As one might expect, that jersey was big enough to double as a formal dress for the tyke.

Watt posted photos of the encounter to his Facebook profile on Wednesday afternoon, with some 50,000 social media users "liking" it. He also spoke about his rendevous with Breanna on Yahoo! Sports Radio on Thursday from the Super Bowl.

"I cant be there every time, I can't give every autograph. It makes me sad," Watt told Y! Sports. "Someone sent me the video of the little girl, [Wednesday] I got to meet her and propose to her with a ring pop. Gave her a big '99' jersey which was her wedding dress for the day. We had our first dance and everything. The artist was Justin Bieber.

"It was really fun ... We're registered at Toys R' Us, Build a Bear Workshop ... it was fun."

The fact that Watt both tracked down a little girl who wanted to marry him and poked fun at himself about it on radio only makes himself that much more lovable. Of course, it would be hard not to like an NFL superstar going far above and beyond to make a 6-year-old happy. Watt could have made Breanna's year just by showing up, instead he went the extra mile.

That is one classy move, something that plenty of other players could take a quick lesson from.

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