Iranian youth soccer coach walks right up to referee and starts a nasty fight

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

There have been plenty of issues with inappropriate violence in youth and prep sports lately -- just see this story from Oregon on Thursday -- yet none may compare to the video you see below from Iran, simply because of how calm and collected the coach who perpetrated the attack was.

The clip you see here was taken from an Iranian youth soccer game. The players appear to be young teenagers (maybe equivalent to the middle school or ninth-grade level in the U.S.). According to the wonderful soccer site 101 Great Goals, the video was captured in Tehran, and the coach was attacked the ref was later arrested.

Reportedly, the referee had sent off the coach near the end of the game in question because he continually berated a variety of decisions the referee had made throughout the contest.

Incredibly, the assault didn't end on the pitch, either. After the coach was finally escorted off the field, the referee himself chased him down the tunnel to continue the argument between the two.

Both men landed blows and the referee in particular was bloodied afterward, as you can see in a photo right here.

Naturally, nothing good comes from this assault, but it may provide one sense of scope: Youth sports don't just make Americans act crazily, they make everyone act crazily.

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