Iowa golf coach arrested for driving team to meet while drunk

Playing in a high school conference tournament was pressure enough for the Fairfield (Iowa) High School girls golf team. But head coach Susie Steinbeck decided to add a little more pressure to the situation by showing up the morning of the meet and driving the girls on the team to the tournament with a blood alcohol level of .212, which is more two and a half times Iowa's legal limit to operate a motor vehicle of .08.

Swerving all over the road during the trip, Steinbeck took the team on a harrowing 90 minute trip from Fairfield to the team's meet in Keokuk. Sensing that something was wrong with their head coach, the Des Moines Register reported that some of the girls on the team started to text their parents in case they crashed.

"Ohh myy goshh susie is going to kill us! She cant stay on the road! So in case this is the last time i talk to you i love you! :)" team member Elizabeth Hamilton said in a text to her dad, Daryn Hamilton, that morning.

Soon after Hamilton received the text, he phoned the police and Steinbeck was pulled over and arrested for drunk driving and child endangerment about midway through the 60-mile trip. The team was transported the rest of the way by another parent.

The worst part of all is that this reportedly wasn't the first time that Steinbeck had gotten behind the wheel drunk with the golf team.


"(My daughter) Liz complained to me in the past that Susie had a problem controlling vehicles, wandering all over the road," Daryn Hamilton told the Des Moines Register. "I kind of chalked it up to 'Some people don't pay much attention when they drive.'

"I kind of didn't think much of it. In retrospect, that probably wasn't the best thing."

Steinbeck, who teaches "computer-related classes at Fairfield Middle School, is now in hot water not only with the parents of the kids she was transporting, but also with the school and the state of Iowa.

It's miracle that Steinbeck never wrecked the SUV and injured the girls on the team. Hopefully this story is a wake up call for parents if their child ever complains of a coach driving erratically on the roads to a sporting event.

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