InterTubing: A whirlybird TD and inspiring water polo heroics

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

In 2010, the season's best plays seemed to organically (and conveniently) emerge over weeks and months, giving plenty of opportunity to digest the best and brightest from a spectacular football season. The current season has been almost the opposite, with an absolute plethora of outstanding plays emerging from the Internet ether over the past seven days alone.

With that in mind, here's a few that slipped between the cracks created by a trio of truly spectacular touchdowns.

Chris Donald, Red Bank (N.J.) Catholic vs. Neptune (N.J.): Of all the indescribable moves we've seen this year, none may be more surprising at first glance than Chris Donald's phenomenal barrel roll into the end zone to launch Red Bank Catholic to a 20-14 win against rival Neptune. How did he possibly slip out of that tackle?

Larry Lambeth, Milwood (Okla.) vs. Bishop McGuinness (Okla.): This game was over. Tied at 21. Two seconds left, and an 18-yard field goal to give McGuinness a huge win. Except McGuinness didn't win, because Lambeth came through with one of the heads up defensive plays of the year, scooping up this blocked kick and rumbling all the way to the end zone for a shocking game-winning score.

Quadre Castleberry, North Augusta (Ga.) Fox Creek vs. North Augusta (Ga.) North: All the attention following Fox Creek's 55-20 rout of North was focused on standout quarterback Marty Williams, who announced he was committing to Clemson shortly before his team's fifth victory of the season. Yet Castleberry was the true star of this matchup, scoring four touchdowns, including this school-record 97-yard gallop to the end zone.

• Some middle schooler, somewhere: Look, we have no idea where this clip came from. We have no idea who the receiver making this out-of-nowhere, you-have-got-to-be-kidding-me, one-handed grab is. Yet, despite all that, we have a hard time disagreeing with this video's premise that it is worthy of serious accolades, and yes, maybe even a spot on ESPN.

Jordan, Valparaiso (Ind.) junior varsity: We couldn't determine who Valparaiso was playing in this face off, but we do know that this player named Jordan deserves a game ball. He's also quite fast, as you can see from this video. Prep Rally can't remember the last time a player fell down flat on his face and still got up to make a huge, touchdown-saving tackle.

Chris Shirley, LaDue (Mo.) Horton Walkins vs. DeSmet (Mo.): This isn't exactly a newsy clip, but it's a great one that was brought to Prep Rally's attention by a loyal reader during the week. With nothing to lose -- in terms of time and consequences -- Horton Walkins junior launched this 3/4-pool shot in the quarterfinals of the Missouri state tournament. You can guess what happened after he let fly with that yellow ball ...

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