InterTubing: Is "untackleable" a word? Maybe it should be

We use the question to ask a pertinent question because, quite frankly, we're not entirely sure if untackleable (or un-tackleable or untackle-able, for that matter) actually is any manner of appropriate speech. Google seems to want to change the word to untakeable, which is not the same thing at all. After checking out a host of highlight clips this week that flew entirely below the radar, we think it should be. A few of these clips are testaments to why it would make our life -- and other people's future descriptions of great high school plays -- a heck of a lot easier.

Parker Buck, Bonneville (Idaho) vs. Rigby (Idaho): Nothing beats a game-winning touchdown with no time on the clock, does it? We sure don't think so, which is what makes this clip so great. This last second Idaho heave by Bonneville senior quarterback Parker Buck may not qualify as a "Hail Mary", but there's little doubt that it answered his team's prayers.

Tyree Marzetta, Abraham Lincoln (Calif.) JV vs. Balboa (Calif.) JV: Here's your untackleable, bruising running back right here. Sure, it's may just be a junior varsity game, but Marzetta broke at least six tackles and ran through the entire Balboa defense on this touchdown trot, his second of the game during Lincoln's 48-32 victory. Anyone else get spooky images of O.J. Simpson with Marzetta wearing No. 32 and running like a shifty bulldozer?

Mitchell Syverson, Thermopolis (Wyo.) vs. Wright (Wyo.): Right on cue, here's your untackleable interception return. Not only did Thermopolis' Mitchell Syverson show off a pair of sure hands to pull in this slightly deflected interception he proved that he had great vision and speed to use a pair of blocks from teammates Tanner Cornwell and Jake Moore to get all the way to the goalline. That's where his elusiveness really kicked in, as Syverson used a terrific little leap and spin move to get past the final Wright defenders during the Bobcats' 53-13 rout of Wright.

Teu Tai, Liberty (Nev.) vs. Green Valley (Nev.): Liberty trailed early in this eventual 37-26 victory over Green Valley, and the Patriots' victory was due in no small part to the untackleable running of senior Teu Tai. Yes, he eventually ended up out of bounds on this run, but he also completely bulldozed two Green Valley defenders during the run ... and seemed to be screaming like a mad man while doing so. Now that is intimidating.

Carson Pryor, MICDS (Mo.) vs. Lafayette (Mo.): His shot may not have had the bend of a Beckham free kick, but the lift Carson Pryor got off on this driller over the wall makes it one of the more impressive we've stumbled across this fall. It also marked a lone highlight for MICDS, which fell 4-1 on the road at Lafayette.

Batavia (Ill.) Soph. vs. Elgin (Ill.) Soph.: Varsity football is serious business, and often times junior varsity and other subsidiary football levels took on similar significance. Sometimes that's just over the top, and it's nice to see coaches at some lower levels show a real sense of humor. Cue this clip, where Batavia's sophomore team kicked off to Elgin with one of the worst kicks in recent memory ... only to see that kick miraculously land in a trash can. Luckily the Batavia sophomore coach -- and the entire Batavia sideline for that matter -- saw the humor in the situation. More coaches should have that attitude sometimes, don't you think?

• Some eighth grader somewhere: Really, that's all the information we could responsibly glean from this video, but we that hardly minimizes it's impressiveness. Our unnamed, eighth-grader superstar, option QB takes a roll out, decides to keep the ball himself and then pulls off a standing leap over a rather diminuitive defender. Maybe we'll see him again at the high school level?

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