InterTubing: Unlikely TDs and a well-worked goal

There's more than just good luck that goes into an unlikely touchdown, but luck always has some part to play. Whether it's a pair of defenders tripping each other up, a fortuitous bounce or some other form of fate smiling on a receiver or running back (or quarterback, for that matter), there's always a little something more that separates unforeseen scores from the more traditional touchdowns that get punched in from inside the 10. There were a handful of those this week, plus more of the usual impressive highlights buried in the dregs of the Internet.

Covin Conrady, Putnam City North (Okla.) vs. Moore (Okla.): Not only did Conrady find a way to pull in an amazing touchdown catch between two defenders, then somehow juke around both of them, the score also kept PCN above water in a game it had to win to stay in playoff contention. The Panthers did, barely, with a 42-40 squeaker sealed when it stopped Moore's two-point conversion attempt late. Still, it was Conrady's catch that will always stand out.

Casey Lamb, Madison La Follette (Wisc.) vs. Madison Memorial (Wisc.): Madison Memorial cakewalked to a relatively easy win in this game, but we know that at one point Casey Lamb found himself ridiculously open across the middle, then bamboozled two defenders, who nearly ran into each other trying to cut off his path to the end zone. Needless to say, the defenders were unsuccessful.

Seth Dunn, Davie County (N.C.) junior varsity vs. Mt. Tabor (N.C.) junior varsity: No word on how this game finished, but it seems fairly safe to say that wide receiver Seth Dunn left the biggest impression on events with this fortuitous catch and trot to the end zone. It may not be an all-timer of the juggling-catch variety, but it's not too far off.

Triston Youngblood, Kuna (Idaho) vs. Middleton (Idaho): The Kuna Kavemen have had a woeful 2010 season, but you can't blame young receiver Triston Youngblood, brother of Boise State's Shea McClellin, who scored the only points of Kuna's loss against Middleton on this impressive leap, grab and run.

Jeremy Klump, Nazareth (Penn.) vs. Bethlehem Catholic (Penn.): This video was uploaded to YouTube under the auspices of providing highlights for receiver/return man Jeremy Klump, yet to our mind the only highlight he earns here is proving he can hold on to the ball while receiving a positively wicked hit. And we do mean wicked. That being said, Nazareth did get the final laugh in the Lehigh Valley matchup, pulling out a 56-28 win in October.

Gabe Williams-Torres, Genoa-Kingston (Ill.) vs. Hampshire (Ill.): Is this a pretty straightforward kickoff return for a touchdown? Sure, yet Williams-Torres also flashes some serious explosiveness and escapability when he hits the open field. The touchdown also put a cleat on Hampshire's metaphorical neck in a win which kept GK undefeated earlier in the season, providing the Cogs with an instant offensive response to Hampshire's attempt at a rally. That kind of a momentum changer always deserves bonus points in our book.

Aaron Kline, ELCO (Penn.) vs. Pequea Valley (Penn.): Sure, Aaron Kline's goal from a free kick will probably stand out most on a stat sheet when you look back on ELCO's 6-0 drubbing out Pequea Valley, but it was really his assists that make this clip special. Watch him singlehandedly knife through the Pequea defense to set up the first goal, then pull off a similar maneuver to earn an assist on the third score in the video. Impressive stuff.

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