InterTubing: Returns to football form and a favorite super fan

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Another week, another crop of terrific prep football plays lost in the ether ye olde internets. Well, not all of the best plays were lost, as Prep Rally dredged up a few more for public consumption, as you can see below.

Dominic DiClemente, Utica (N.Y.) Eisenhower vs. Utica (N.Y.) Stevenson: It seems fitting that a major rivalry in ever-academic upstate New York features two teams named after a former president and vice president, doesn't it? In the 2011 edition, Eisenhower rolled, thanks in part to a blocked punt return which seemed part pop up and part end around sweep.

Bennie Robinson, Upland (Calif.) vs. San Bernardino (Calif.): When a team loses by the score of 63-14, there are usually plenty of missed tackles to point out. Still, it's a bit hard to find too much fault with the whiffs made by the San Bernardino defense on this gallop into the end zone by Robinson.

Devon Cox, Boyle County (Kent.) vs. Danville (Kent.): Here's a guilty admission: As great as Cox's burst through the gap and long sprint to pay dirt was, Prep Rally's favorite part of this clip comes from one of the fans in the stands, who offers up a "He gone!" just as Cox breaks free. Perfectly timed. Priceless.

Bryson Thompson, Boone County (Kent.) vs. Cooper (Kent.): Ever wanted to see a picture perfect example of a player making the most out of an easy screen pass? Just check out all the work Boone County's Bryson Thompson does after taking in this short pass in his squad's 35-14 win over Northern Kentucky rival Cooper.

Stefon Diggs, Good Counsel (Md.) vs. Manatee (Fla.): There's a reason why Stefon Diggs is one of the most sought after recruits in the country. While he brings a number of different weapons to the table as a wide receiver, his rare combination of exemplary athleticism and awareness make him almost unstoppable. That awareness -- and seamless finesse -- was never more evident than on this overtime touchdown grab in Good Counsel's double-overtime win against Manatee High.

Cody Gearhart, Valley Center (Calif.) vs. Escondido (Calif.) San Pasquale: Remember Tommy Waddle? The Bears wide receiver used to go right across the middle, knowing full well he was going to get clobbered, yet still finding a way to hold on to the ball as it came in. Well, Valley Center's Cody Gearhart provided his best Waddle impersonation on this grab, bringing in a pass from Valley Center quarterback Ryan Kleiman in his team's 28-7 loss to San Pasquale.

Chad McGhee, Knox City (Texas): Remember YouTube user divalover159? Sure you do. Prep Rally wrote about his fantastic viral video shout out to Texas 6-man squad Knox City in August, a video which would be hard for any high school super fan to top. Well, thanks to Deadspin and a prior Prep Rally commenter, we have learned that divalover159 happens to be a Knox City resident by the name of Chad McGhee. Now McGhee is back, and even a rough start to THE ... KNOX CITY GREYHOUNDS' season hasn't been able to dim his spirits, as you can tell from this reading of the Knox City roster (yes, Chad McGhee threw up a video of himself, wearing a Knox City jersey while reading out the team's roster). Luckily, the slow start hasn't dimmed Prep Rally's enthusiasm for McGhee's video shout outs, either.

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