InterTubing: The playoff highlight pantheon takes shape

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Eventually, state football playoffs will pit the best against the best, by their very nature. In the process, each state's most battle-tested players will be forced to rise above top notch competition and deliver plays that will define their season and, in many cases their career. The plays you see below aren't necessarily all the best of the bunch from the ongoing state playoff brackets -- after all, plenty of states are still playing -- but they do all represent some of the transcendent performances that have emerged over the course of a very busy football month.

Malin Jones, Joliet (Ill.) Catholic vs. Springfield (Ill.) Sacred Heart Griffin: Jones made up part of what could be considered one of the nation's premier backfield tandems -- Ty Isaac was his dangerous running counterpart -- and he showed why he is so highly regarded by college scouts on this run during Joliet Catholic's one-sided semifinal rout of SH Griffin.

Israel Green, Trotwood (Ohio) Madison vs. Avon (Ohio): Avon had a great season, but Madison running back Green had a phenomenal half. In the end, that might have been more important, too, with this run in particular completely changing the complexion of the Ohio Div. II state title game.

Kenny Potter, San Pedro (Calif.) vs. Harbor City (Calif.) Narbonne: Potter turned plenty of heads in leading the Pirates to one of the most successful seasons in school history. Of all his best moments, few can compete with this incredible, zone defense busting run to glory. Just check out the quarterback's first big juke in the hole, it practically redefines agility.

Nick Vitale, Madison (Conn.) Daniel Hand: Vitale has flown under the radar among the crop of junior wide receivers, in large part because he plays his football in Connecticut. Still, he has as sure a pair of hands as you'll find, as he made evident with this catch late in the season for Daniel Hand.

John Yozzo-Scaperrotta, Dobbs Ferry (N.Y.) vs. Bronxville (N.Y.): Looking for a prime example of a determined back who makes a splash by refusing to go down? Look no further than Yozzo-Scaperrotta, whose incredible 92-yard scoring scamper.

Kordell Kessler, Garrett Middle School vs. Woodlan Middle School: We're not quite sure where Garrett and Woodlan (we assume this isn't a YouTube typo for a school actually named Woodlands) are located, but we do know that at the tender age of 13 (or 14), young Kordell Kessler has already mastered the art of cutting back across the field in the middle of an enormous mud storm. He also has mastered the art of the clutch play, as evidenced by this game-tying touchdown, which led to an even bigger game-winning, two-point conversion.

• Omar, some Pee Wee team somewhere: Yup, we've got no idea where Omar is from, or where he plays his football. All we know is that he has an incredible ability to focus on an object in motion, to the point of bringing in a huge catch all while finding himself so turned around he completes a flip. Football may very well be in this youngster's future.

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