InterTubing: Pancake blocks and great hands

Another week, another full slate of terrific high school highlights, and we're not even counting a miraculous catch following a goal post rebound or the best hurdle we've seen outside of the Olympics. And remember, if you saw an amazing play in the last two weeks and you don't see it here, we want to know about it in the comments below.

-- Hereford (Texas) vs. Lubbock (Texas): Watch closely to the right side of the screen, and you'll see one of the best pancake blocks ever caught on tape, by Hereford's Geoffrey Gonzalez, which springs punt returner Christian Garza for an additional 20-30 yards. One word: Ouch.

-- Austin (Texas) vs. Belton (Texas): So, this Cayleb Jones guy from Austin High in Texas is becoming a bit of a regular. He pulled down this catch in what has to be one of the better shootouts of the season, a 66-63, overtime victory against Belton for just one of his three touchdowns in the game.

-- Bishop McLaughlin (Fla.) vs. Faith Baptist (Fla.): Bishop McLaughlin won this Florida private state matchup 38-21, but Avery Armbrister pulled down the play of the game with this 17-yard interception return in the first quarter.

-- Berrien Springs (Mich.) vs. Decatur (Mich.): This clip may not be worthy of Gonzalez's pancake block above, but Berrien Springs' Deontea Scott still unloaded on an unsuspecting Decatur up man on a kickoff return during Berrien's 35-22 win.

-- Walker Middle School: We have no idea where this school is, or even who they were playing. What we do know is that their wide receiver made a great catch off a defensive tip, proving that it's never too early to start practicing tip drills.

-- Nazareth (Penn.) vs. Pleasant Valley (Penn.): This interception by junior linebacker Noah Nealon wasn't the only highlight from Nazareth's 38-0 season-opening victory over Pleasant Valley, but it was definitely the most eye-catching.

-- Marion Catholic (Calif.) freshmen vs. De La Salle (Calif.) freshmen: Why not end with another terrific take-out block. This one comes courtesy Marin Catholic freshman Andrew Celis, who may not be playing on the freshman team much longer if he delivers more pancakes like that.

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