InterTubing: More touchdowns and the sloppiest mud pit ever

Another week, another batch of great buried highlights. Beyond the miraculous clips we've shown you -- you know, quarterbacks who beat entire defenses on a scramble, behind-the-back touchdown grabs and those wacky trick shot artists -- there were plent of other notable highlights from the past week ... or which finally filtered through to the landing points of the great world wide internets in that time span. Here's a look at some of the best:

Quarterback Kenneth Johnson, Lynwood (Calif.) vs. Centennial (Calif.): Lynwood passer Kenneth Johnson may have only been credited with a 29-yard touchdown pass to Rayshon Wright on this play, but his improvisation in avoiding the sack after a horrid shotgun snap ensured the pass was much farther than that.

• Charlottetown (Prince Edward Island, Canada) vs. Cornwall (Prince Edward Island, Canada): Who says they don't play real football in Canada? This clip comes from a heated matchup between Charlottetown and Cornwall north of the border ... and shows what happens when a terrific Hail Mary pass can't quite carry to the goal line. Now, if only the field wasn't quite so long ...

• Huntley (Ill.) Junior Varsity (or Freshmen) vs. Woodstock North (Ill.) Junior Varsity (or Freshmen): In all truth, all we can tell you about this miraculous is that it happened in a junior varsity or freshmen game between Huntley and Woodstock North. The rest is all conjecture. We do know that Huntley's touchdown scoring return man was suitably wiped out by the time he reached the end zone, because that's one of the most convincing exhaustion flops onto the field we've seen since James Harrison's Super Bowl rumble.

Running back Brian Blake, Harlingen (Texas) vs. San Benito (Texas): The Battle of the Arroyo is one of South Texas' most heated rivalries. As has been the norm in the series, Harlingen cruised past San Benito, 45-21, getting a handful of impressive plays. However, none may be more impressive than this rather matter of fact touchdown run from Harlingen's Brian Blake, who steamrolls San Benito defenders for the final seven yards of his 30-yard scoring draw.

Schalick (N.J.) vs. Pennsville (N.J.): Schalick's Rachel Copare proves quite the capable playmaker in this clip. Between a late goal on a 35-yard free kick and the header that set up the Cougars' game-winning goal by Eleni Dendrinos, she seems like the wo-man of the match, no?

Seaside (Ore.) High School's Three Course Challenge: First things first: They have marching bands for cross country now? Really? Secondly, the mud pit footage that begins approximately 1:23 into this race really is fantastic, and reminds us of just another reason why we weren't resilient enough to run cross country in high school. In all, some 93 teams from Idaho, Washington, Oregon and California slogged through that mud, which makes us wonder if ample stock of antibiotics was on hand.

And remember, if you've got great highlights that you haven't seen here, send them to us via the email or Twitter links above. We're always on the lookout for the nation's top high school plays.

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