InterTubing: More than just one type of football highlights

Hidden touchdown highlights may be our bread and butter, but that doesn't mean we here at Prep Rally don't appreciate a miraculous soccer goal on occasion. Of course, that doesn't mean we aren't going to keep bringing you impressive touchdowns and great plays on the gridiron, either. With that in mind, here's this week's melange of hidden highlights.

James Quick, Trinity (Kent.) vs. Seneca (Kent.): Told you we'd still showcase great touchdowns. Something tells us this clip, which was the standalone highlight from a 63-14 stomping Trinity put on Louisville Seneca, will be just the first of a handful of great touchdowns we'll see from Quick, who is only a sophomore. Here's some equally terrifying news for other Kentucky football programs: The quarterback who got him the ball -- Travis Wright -- is also just a sophomore.

Bo Davis, McKinney Boyd (Texas) vs. Naaman Forest (Texas): We can't speak to any certainty of this (after all, we weren't at the game), but limited highlights seem to show that McKinney Boyd's Bo Davis wreaked absolute havoc during his team's 31-14 victory over Naaman Forest. He caused a fumble in the red zone, he was constantly in the backfield to stop running plays, and even when he didn't stop the play -- like this snap -- he often was the most athletic player on the field. This hurdle is right up there with some of the great touchdowns we've seen this year. It makes one wonder why he isn't lining up as a Mike Alstott halfback, doesn't it?

Matt Killian, Francis Howell (Mo.) vs. CBC (Mo.): CBC may have ruined Francis Howell's homecoming by stealing a 45-31 win on the road, but senior lineman Matt Killian ruined two CBC players' nights by laying them both out in one powerful block to give his quarterback room to scramble. Killian's pancake may not be the block of the year, but it sure has to be on the list.

Jermario Gooch, Knightdale (N.C.) vs. Southeast Raleigh (N.C.): There were few highlights for Knightdale in its 42-14 loss to Southeast Raleigh, but this kickoff return was the play of the night, with Jermario Gooch showcasing his speed and ridiculous elusiveness by weaving through a pack of about 15 other players near midfield.

Evan Young, The Classical Academy (Colo.) vs. St. Mary's (Colo.): Not only did Young score this belter of a goal from 75 yards (75 yards!!!!), he scored three others to key a 5-0 rout of St. Mary's earlier this month. Perhaps even more impressive is that Young, a sophomore, was playing his first-ever game in attack for TCA. Oh, and did we mention he scored all four of his goals in the first half? Not a bad day's work, huh?

Jake Dellamuth, Tomah (Wisc.) vs. Rice Lake (Wisc.): The technique behind this goal wasn't the most exquisite (though the persistence in the box was impressive), yet Tomah's Jake Dellamuth still deserves a ton of credit for finding a way to score within the first 20 seconds in his team's 2-1 victory over Rice Lake. The official clock allegedly stopped at 17 seconds, which probably isn't a state record, but definitely could make his coach -- who screamed "Go!" at the moment of kick off -- pretty happy for heeding his advice.

JT Maulden, St. Michael the Archangel (La.): We'll be honest, we searched exhaustively and still couldn't determine which St. Michael game this came from. What we do know is that earlier this season they were locked in a four-quarter scoreless battle until pulling a trick play out of their bag with only 25 seconds left. In this case, St. Michael's called for a hook-and-ladder at the own 20, with Bobo Aucoin pitching the ball to JT Maulden and Maulden streaking the remaining 80 yards down the sideline to a game-winning touchdown.

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