InterTubing: Inspiring and elusive touchdowns

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

It's high time that Prep Rally hosted an all-touchdown edition of InterTubing. Given the stage of the season we're entering, one could argue that every touchdown in a close game is somewhat inspiring. Still, some are more touching than others, which is precisely why we're going to kick this round of video roulette off with one of the more heartwarming we've seen recently.

Davey Reed, Castlewood (Va.) vs. Nora (Va.) Ervinton: Sure, the Blue Devils rolled to a 47-15 rout of Ervinton in this one-sided mishmash of a game, but the real headline was turned in by a senior named Davey Reed, who finally achieved his lifelong goal of scoring a touchdown on a play designed for him called "bologna sandwich." We're not sure what's cooler, the fact that Reed got in the end zone, or that his play was named bologna sandwich. Who cares. Anytime a teen with somewhat different priorities reaches a hallmark like that, it's a great thing.


Oscar Sanchez, Gladstone (Ore.) vs. Estacada (Ore.): On Friday, Prep Rally posted a video of a safety in Virginia somehow "intercepting" a field goal and returning it for a touchdown. Well, evidently he wasn't even the first to pull off that feat this year, as this slightly blurry video from Gladstone's comeback victory against Estacada shows. How Sanchez or Hayden Knudson managed to pull that off, we haven't the slightest. It's just incredible.


Witt Westbrook, Stephenville (Texas) vs. Waco (Texas) University: Westbrook's head-over-heels flip into the end zone on this touchdown was pretty impressive, but we're still not sure it can top the brilliant, tongue-in-cheek ad at the end of the video by Jones Family Photography. The company usually tacks its "We got a picture of that" tagline after every video, but when it failed to snap Westbrook's leap, it added "We actually didn't get a picture ... but neither did anyone else." Hey, you have to love a sense of humor, right?

Ben Johnson, Austin (Texas) Westwood vs. Georgetown (Texas): Here's an elusive quarterback for you. By all accounts, Johnson should have been wrapped up in a bow by the Georgetown defense on this play, yet he somehow slipped free and then hit the turbo control en route to one of his three second-half touchdowns in Westwood's 38-17 win in the Northern Austin suburbs.

Preston Brown, Stephenville (Texas) vs. Killeen (Texas): Here's another Jones Family Photo special, this time of one of the stranger occurences you'll see: A game-winning touchdown return off a punt following a safety. Yup, that's right: Stephenville escaped with a 37-33 win because it forced a late Killeen safety and then returned the following free kick (which Killeen elected to take as a punt) for a touchdown.

• Christian Alonso, Chula Vista (Calif.) vs. Bonita Vista (Calif.): In terms of 15-yard touchdown runs, this has to be one of the longer developing ones. After all, it's not every day that a quarterback runs an end around directly into the teeth of the defense, completely reverses field and still finds a way to the end zone ...

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