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Typically, summer isn't considered to be officially over until after Labor Day. That's hogwash. Summer is definitely already over. How is Prep Rally so sure? Because the bevy of prep football highlights is positively overflowing, a sure sign that the regular season is in full flow across the country. Here are just some of the best of the early season crop so far.

Austin Myers, Casa Grande (Ariz.) vs. Sahuarita (Ariz.): Here's your early contender for touchdown grab of the year. Not only did Austin Myers of Casa Grande elevate for an extremely unlikely grab, he had the wherewithal to keep himself in bounds and pull the pass in cleanly for a touchdown in a preseason scrimmage.

Isaiah Osborne, San Diego (Calif.) Madison freshmen vs. Valhalla (Calif.): It's hard to tell exactly how Osborne slipped through the Valhalla front line for this 45-yard score, but somehow he did. The rest, as they say, was history, with a heavy dose of afterburners.

Ronnie Clark, Calera (Ala.) vs. Montevallo (Ala.): Calera rolled to a rout in this early season matchup, but none of the Eagles' touchdowns stood out like the one turned in by Ronnie Clark on a kickoff return, when his two efficient cuts looked early like a Devin Hester flight path.

Tommy Thornton, Tempe (Ariz.) Marcos de Niza vs. Scottsdale (Ariz.) Notre Dame: Prep Rally isn't sure what's better, Marcos de Niza quarterback Tommy Thornton's refusal to be tackled on this run, where his second effort lands him an easy trot to the end zone, or the over excitement and then borderline creepily long self-introspective look in the camera from the clip's videographer. Upon further reflection, we're going to go with the former, but it's a close call ...

Jarrell Adams, Hendersonville (Tenn.) vs. Franklin (Tenn.): Franklin rolled in this Nashville-area matchup, but Hendersonville's offensive struggles had little to do with the effort put out by wide receiver Jarrell Adams, who somehow pulled down this miraculous TD reception to keep the Commandos in the game during the 51-35 setback.

Birmingham (Mich.) Brother Rice vs. Inkster (Mich.): How do you know you've found a new, fast running back? When he has to push his offensive linemen out of the way after a pitch ... and is still too fast for anyone on the defense to lay a finger on him. There's no question what facet of this back's game earned this TD. It was all about the speed.

JaJuan Mitchell, Knoxville (Tenn.) West: Hey, not every great play can finish in a touchdown. This one certainly qualifies as a standout, even if Mitchell wasn't dancing in the end zone afterwards. How he temporarily transformed into Stretch Armstrong to pull in this pass during a preseason scrimmage (against an unknown opponent) we may never know.

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