InterTubing: An all-hoops highlight fest

Across the country, high school tournaments are beginning to get into gear, and that can mean only one thing: An all hoops edition of the week's best highlights! While there are other clips more worth noting, here's some of the best viral video gems from the past seven days.

J.J. Bosak, Andrean (Ind.) vs. Hammond Morton (Ind.): While you don't ever get to see this shot swish through the net (if you did, it would have warranted a solo post at the very least), the fact that a full-court heave tied up a heated Northwest Indiana high school game at the buzzer -- and eventually paved the way for Andrean to scrape out a victory -- is worthy of praise enough. Seriously, how did Bosak hit that shot?

Kyle Zaffuto, Brockport (N.Y.) vs. Brighton (N.Y.): The season hasn't been too rosy for Brockport, but Kyle Zaffuto put a sheen on the team's final game with this game-winning buzzer beater from the corner, clinching a 53-52 victory over Brighton on the school's home floor.

Zachary Snowden, Plainfield South (Ill.) vs. Plainfield East (Ill.): Though this might be the least impressive of the game-winning buzzer beaters we've highlighted this season, Snowden's putback might have had the biggest impact, clinching at least a share of the Southwest Prairie Conference Championship with a 68-67 win against their crosstown rivals, capping a furious final minute rally.

Jabari Parker, Simeon (Ill.) vs. Benet (Ill.): Parker might be the top sophomore prospect in the nation, and he's earned that praise with plays like these. The 6-foot-7 forward wasn't just comfortable going to the hoop on the break against 7-foot future Wisconsin star Frank Kaminsky, he went to the rim and dunked on him. Needless to say, we're now officially on the Jabari Parker watch ...

Aaric Armstead, Hales (Ill.) and Mike Shaw, De La Salle (Ill.): What's better than a great dunk in a regionally-ranked showdown. Two straight great dunks in a regionally-ranked showdown! Just check out this tet-a-tet throwdown between Aaric Armstead and Mike Shaw, representing two of Chicago's finest in a face off on Friday.

Brock Otis, Barlow (Ore.) vs. David Douglas (Ore.): If there is a better way to punctuate a tight rivalry victory than a dunk on the break over an opponent, we haven't seen it. With that in mind, cue the young Mr. Otis, who does the honors for his Barlow squad.

Sheldon Jeter, Beaver Falls (Penn.) vs. California (Penn.): According to Rubino Productions, the Pittsburgh-area high school sports video maven/company, this is the Pittsburgh-area's dunk of the year. We didn't see enough of its potential competitor dunks to fairly adjudge whether it's the best, but it is a heck of an impressive fast break windmill.

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