InterTubing: A holiday hodgepodge

While we slowly take the drip out of hidden football highlights -- this is the final week of the season, after all -- we can already get more and more excited about all the dunks and deep threes on offer. Hopefully you're excited about them, too. If you're not, well, bear with us, because we're always happy to throw a high school hockey goal or two out there for you, too. Just call us a holiday hodgepodge.

Kale Pearson, Tulsa Union (Okla.) vs. Jenks (Okla.): Union tripped up Jenks in Oklahoma's Class 6A state title game last weekend for the third straight year, thanks in large part to an outstanding performance by Pearson, who went airborne on this play to vault over a defender. Evidently that's not illegal in Oklahoma, huh?

Courtney Chelf, Enid (Okla.) vs. Stillwater (Okla.): Buzzer beaters are always impressive, but a 60-footer in a girls basketball game? Now that's notable, which is why we're particularly happy that someone had the camera on in Enid last week.

Jaron Davis, Hoover (Ala.) vs. John Carroll (Ala.): Someone should really start guarding Jaron Davis as the clock winds down. The Hoover star has made a bit of a to-do about hitting absurdly long buzzer-beaters, as you can see in this clip. It's pretty hard to beat that John Carroll shot, the video's second bomb.

Matt Jensen, Sparta (Mich.) vs. Godwin Heights (Mich.): We're not going to lie: More than 50 percent of the reason you're seeing this video here is because we loved the retro word graphics of "BUCKETTSS!" and "BOOM!!!". That being said, Jensen's slam is nothing to scoff at, and the slightly grainy video quality almost adds to the retro fabulous feel, doesn't it?

William Gates Jr., St. Joseph (Ill.) vs. De La Salle (Ill.): Gates Jr. is an impressive sophomore guard, as proven by the fact that he's already starting for a strong Chicago basketball program. Still, this pretty up-and-under move gets a little bit of extra attention for Gates' heritage: He's the son of William Gates of Hoop Dreams fame.

Steven Fogarty, Edina (Minn.) vs. Eagan (Minn.): You don't see 7-6 hockey finals every day, but they got a good one in Minnesota last week, when Edina held off rival Eagan behind a hat trick from Notre Dame-bound Steven Fogarty. The most impressive of his three goals was this breakaway, one-on-one finish past Eagan goalie Connor Girard.

Brian Meyette, Ayala (Calif.) Freshman: To be fair Meyette looks like a pretty composed quarterback for a freshman, and his receiver on this play, Brian Campbell, appears to have a good pair of hands. That being said, what we really want to know is how the heck Campbell got so wide open. Seriously, there's not a defender within 10 yards of the guy.

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