InterTubing: Great grabs and too tough to tackle

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

We're reaching the halfway point of the football season across the country, which means teams are now in full stride. As one might expect, that means the quality of plays that just barely slip off the media radar is improving, too. All of that makes this week's InterTubing even more of a must-watch than usual. Lucky us, huh?

Demetrius Fairley, Garner (N.C.) vs. Clayton (N.C.): How do you take advantage of a bad snap? If you're as athletic as Demetrius Fairley, you just scoop it up, pivot, reverse field and burst to the end zone. Not a bad way to pick up six quick points.

Garner (N.C.) High's Demetrius Fairley's crazy TD run from The Wolfpacker on Vimeo.

Keaton Accetta, San Pedro (Calif.) vs. Westchester (Calif.): How Accetta came down with this pass from San Pedro quarterback Kenny Potter we may never know. Of course, that mystery only adds to the allure of one of the season's better touchdown grabs.

Dayvon Williams, Springfield (Mass.) Commerce vs. Belchertown (Mass.): When a player intercepts a pass in the end zone, conventional logic holds that he should stop and drop down for a touchback. It's a good thing that no one told Dayvon Williams to do that, as the lanky speedster brought back this Belchertown pass a full 101 yards for a key touchdown in Commerce's 22-13 victory.

Fairview (Tenn.) vs. Giles County (Tenn.): In the end, visiting Giles County would escape with this victory, but the greatest "escape act" of the game was turned in by Fairview running back Deandre Moore, who burst through a small seam and then broke more than his share of tackle attempts en route to a key touchdown.

Raymond Donnelly, Old Tappan (N.J.) vs. Wayne Valley (N.J.): There are great stiff arms, and then there is the touchdown-maker delivered by Old Tappan receiver Raymond Donnelly. By all rights, Donnelly should have been brought down around the 25-yard-line. Instead, he was dancing in the end zone, for one reason: His free arm refused to let him go down. That's impressive.

Brentwood (Tenn.) vs. Centennial (Tenn.): Eddie George used to earn his money bowling over tacklers in Tennessee, and now a budding high school star -- Brentwood running back Chudi Echetebu -- is doing the same thing, as you can see in this clip from Brentwood's 27-7 win at Centennial.

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