InterTubing: Escapability and hits like a MAC truck

No need for the intro here, you know it's Friday, and that means it's time for the best hidden high school highlight videos from across the web. Here's what we dug up this week:

Thomas Howe, Cambridge-South Dorchester (Md.) vs. Easton (Md.): Cambridge-South Dorchester running back isn't just elusive on this run, he's downright impossible to tackle. That's before the leap at the end, which is a pretty incredible finale to a heck of a touchdown.

Dymonte Gwathney, Beaufort (S.C.) vs. Summerville (S.C.): We're not sure if this is the one-handed catch of the year, but it has to be a contender. In fact, scratch that. After watching it again, we are going to annoint it the one-handed catch of the year, until someone can show us something better. How did he possibly catch that ball ...

Zach Fleming, Highland Baptist Christian School (La.): We couldn't determine in which HBCS game Zach Fleming pulled off this ridiculous run, but we do know that it happened, and that the quarterback not only hurdled one defender on the way to a big first down, but he also used a Bo Jackson-like stiffarm to railroad another. Not bad for a Louisiana private school that's flying way below the radar.

Zack Blaylock, Walton (Ga.) vs. Woodstock (Ga.): There are big hitters, and then there is Zack Blaylock, who nearly knocked a trio of Woodstock players into a different county. Of course, these big sticks were only part of Blaylock's masterful performance; the linebacker also intercepted two passes and recovered two fumbles in a 29-0 win. Not a bad night.

Driphus Jackson, Cedar Hill (Texas) vs. Duncanville (Texas): Sure, in one sense, this is just a 15-yard touchdown pass after a nifty little scramble. In another, it showcases two terrific TD celebrations -- an acrobatic leap over the back pylon and a midfield bow -- and wrapped up a pretty stunning 35-31 Cedar Hill win over Duncanville, which gave the Longhorns the district's top seed in the forthcoming playoffs. All that significance makes it just a bit more special, doesn't it?

Samuel Apolinar, Anchorpoint (Calif.) vs. Stuart Hall (Calif.): How do you make an opponent pay for an onsides kick attempt? Outside of just recovering it safely, a gutsy player can try to bring the thing back for a touchdown. That's what Sam Apolinar did in this clip during his Anchorpoint squad's 72-30 rout of Stuart Hall at San Francisco's Treasure Island (really, that's what it's called).

Jason Hill, Woodberry Forest (Va.) vs. St. Christopher's (Va.): This isn't the first goal off a kickoff we've seen, but it does highlight what seems to be a bizarre statistic: High school soccer teams with players who score from midfield always seem to lose the game in which the player scores the goal. This strike from Jason Hill -- majestic from midfield though it may be, was the only goal Woodberry Forest managed in it's 2-1 loss to St. Christopher's earlier this year. Coincidence? Maybe. Something more? You tell us.

Lakeland (Fla.) vs. Kathleen (Fla.): This is a high school pep rally, held at night on Lakeland High's Nurmi Nelson Field, at which the student body gets to torch a red devil? We're not always for taking the safest route, but does it strike anyone else that having teenagers around a highly flammable red incarnation of the devil might not be the greatest idea? Just a thought ...

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