The inspiring story of a Rhode Island school’s no-armed kicker

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As you watch the Super Bowl this weekend, imagine anyone playing football with no arms, because one inspiring freshman from Rhode Island did just that this past prep season.

Providence (R.I.) Classical High's Isaac Lufkin, born without arms, served as the kickoff specialist and placekicker for the school's undefeated freshman team that won a state title in the fall, according to a recent CNN profile (h/t Extra Mustard).

"I want to play in the NFL," Lufkin told CNN.

Considering the amount of adversity he's already overcome, that's not such a long shot. Using his self-described "nub," shoulder, chin and feet, he cooks eggs, eats ice cream, tickles the ivories and handles a video game controller -- all captured in the video. On the field, he tees the ball himself, and Classical led its division in onside kick recoveries.

"I don't like pity. Pity just makes me weaker," Lufkin told the news station. "I don't like people helping me, because it makes me feel like I can't do it. If I drop my backpack and someone helps me pick it up, I drop it again and pick it back up, because if I can't do it, nobody else is going to be able to do it sooner or later."

Which is why Lufkin wouldn't mind giving defense a shot next year, when he hopes to continue his quest of finishing undefeated all four years of high school. With motivation like his, Classical's opponents better start preparing for the Purples right now.

"Now they can't be lazy," added Lufkin. "because now, no matter what, they have no excuse to not show up for practice. They have no excuse not to catch the ball or throw the ball or run the ball or block, because if I can kick a ball and set it up and do my own thing, they can do their own thing."

Remarkably, Lufkin is not the first kicker with no arms to lead Classical to a state title. According to CNN, Chris Schumman accomplished the same feat in 1963, receiving a congratulatory letter from President John F. Kennedy. Your move, Mr. Obama.

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