Inspiring Minnesota prep hockey star Jack Jablonski lands Michelle Beadle as prom date

Benilde-St. Margaret's (Minn.) High senior scored ESPN SportsNation co-host Michelle Beadle as his prom date. (Twitter)

Captain Jack is apparently getting by just fine for prom night.

Jack Jackblonski, the Benilde-St. Margaret's (Minn.) High boys' hockey star whose spinal cord injury made national headlines in December 2012, asked Michelle Beadle to be his prom date, and the ESPN SportsNation co-host accepted, according to to St. Paul Pioneer Press blogger Bob Sansevere.

All it took was a little push from Sansevere and Sports Radio 105 the Ticket co-host Mike Morris, and Jablonski was smiling. Actually, "He got tongue-tied in his attempt to ask her to his prom," explained Sansevere. He was so embarrassed his face got about as red as the Benilde sweatshirt he was wearing."

Jablonski hosts Hockey Night in Minnesota on the radio station each Wednesday. He booked Beadle for this week's show. The show's producer, knowing Jablonski did not have a date for the prom, began playing Barry White's "Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe," and the rest was up to the 18-year-old.

"I'd formally like to invite you to my prom," he asked, "but I know you're busy."

"Seriously, I would love it," responded Beadle, 38, who recently left NBC to return to ESPN. "Oh, my god, can I wear like an '80s dress to the prom? There going to be like, 'Why'd you bring a chaperone, Jack?'"

The interview is available on, and the exchange occurs around the 24-minute mark. Beadle's only demand? A cactus flower corsage. Get it, a cactus, Jack.

Jablonski's recovery has been well chronicled following an on-ice blow during his sophomore season two years ago that left him paralyzed from the neck down. He reportedly moved his finger and leg in May 2013, and then crawled three months later. Now a senior, he served as team captain from the bench.

In other words, Jablonski knows a thing or two about persistence.

(h/t Big Lead)