Indiana volleyball player saves point with incredible kick save

Frankfort (In.) Clinton Prairie High knocked off Florida (Ind.) Carroll High in an early season volleyball match 3 games to 2. That's not typically worthy of a national-level story in and of itself.

The play you see directly below is worthy of such attention.

The hockey-style kick save you see in this spectacular highlight was performed by Carroll's Macy Willoughby, who gamely kept a rally alive with some quick thinking and an agile foot. Carroll eventually won the epic point, sending the entire Cougars squad into delirium.

It's not a stretch to say that Willoughby's acrobatic footwork may have thrown Clinton Prairie off so much that they lost the point. The Gophers seemed completely stunned that they were even still contesting the point when they suddenly failed to get the return over.

Luckily for Clinton Prairie fans, the squad pulled their wits back together quickly and rallied for a win in the match. Not that most people will remember that; it's Willoughby's antics that will stick out as one of the volleyball plays of the year.

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