Indiana team re-enacts Glee's 'Put a Ring on It' scene for cash

The Decatur Central (Indiana) High football team needed some extra cash, so it decided to enter a video contest at the Marsh Hoosier Classic, which took place at Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the NFL's Colts. The result was the clip you see below, which is a pretty impressive shot-by-shot remake of a "Glee" instant classic.

Decatur Central High's "Single Ladies" Video @ Yahoo! Video

According to Indianapolis TV station WSBT, the video was the brainchild of the school's video media class. Within that class itself, the concept came from senior Andrea Painter, who helped convince her classmates to enact the "Glee" remake over takes on the "Brady Bunch" dance and other ideas. The clip was then directed by Amber Derrow, a Decatur Central senior who dissected the dance into all it's different parts and helped ensure its filming was completed across three different lunch periods, when both the behind-the-scenes planners and football players were plied with pizza from video media teacher Dean Adler.

"There are three football players in that video class and we approached them first," Adler said. "We asked them what they thought, and it spread from there to ask other players if they'd be interested, and they asked the coach if it would be OK. It was pretty much confirmed we could do the video we wanted to do within a day or two."

As for those aforementioned players, there was a bit of prodding and encouragement needed to convince them they could pull off the orchestrated dance, but eventually all came around to the idea.

"At first we kind of thought Adler was crazy, but then we watched it a couple of times and agreed to do it," said Travis Duncan, one of the stars of the video who is also a member of Adler's video media class. "The first couple of times were just horrible, but then Amber stepped in and taught it piece-by-piece and we got it all together. After about three lunch periods that week we got it all done and it looked pretty good."

That's when Ben Ettinger stepped in to edit the clip, poring across different takes and raw footage to produce the final version of the video which played at Lucas Oil Stadium and won Decatur Central $300 for being the best video produced among the eight schools competing at the Hoosier Classic. That's when the football team got a little luck from the stunt themselves.

"We were on a two-game losing streak," Decatur Quarterback Brandon Ledford told "After that week we went [to] Lucas Oil and our video was played and we went on a three-game winning streak."

The Hawks' season may be over, but Decatur Central is still plugging away at new sports video projects. The latest is a submission to Doritos' annual user-generated "Crash the Super Bowl" commercial contest. The new clip -- which is also edited by Ettinger and stars Duncan again (he's the caddy) -- focuses on a golfer who happens to bear a striking resemblance to a particularly famous PGA star, and who happens to be distracted by a beautiful blond who also bears a resemblance to that golfer's now ex-wife. You can probably figure out what happens next.

"These are all graded in class assignments that they're graded on and working on after school," said Eduardo Torres, who is the director of Decatur Central High's EDGE program, which focuses on innovative communication, technology and thought. "Our hope is that if we do do well with the Doritos competition and get ranked in it, then the money turns into scholarships for students.

"[Dean Adler] and I spent about an hour last night with all that had happened with this video and the Doritos video to determine where we go next now that the Doritos commercial is in the can."

If their students keep coming up with ideas this catchy, Decatur Central might want to consider opening up its own ad agency. Who needs Wieden + Kennedy when you can have energetic 18-year-olds working on the power of pizza.

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