Indiana linemen flip burning pickup truck, save pregnant woman

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Linemen spend much of their offseason lifting weights to try and build up as much strength as possible. It's part and parcel of the identity of playing along football's front line. Still, three members of the Forest Park (Ind.) High offensive line took those feats of strength a bit further on Saturday, when they lifted and flipped an overturned, burning pickup truck to save a pregnant woman who was trapped inside.

Forest Park linemen Anthony Fischer, Austin Kempf and Ethan Knust
Forest Park linemen Anthony Fischer, Austin Kempf and Ethan Knust

According to the Dubois County Herald and Forest Park's football booster club website, Anthony Fischer, Austin Kempf and Ethan Knust were entering Rural King, an Indiana chain of farm and home stores, when a car spun out and was involved in a fiery crash.

After traversing a virtual obstacle course just to get to the crash -- the Herald reported that the trio ran through a deep roadside ditch and stomped down a barbed-wire fence just to reach the struggling passengers in the wreck -- the linemen helped the driver out of his trapped seat while flames started to lap against his overturned truck. As soon as he was freed, the driver reached back in to rescue his 3-year-old daughter.

That's when he told the linemen his pregnant wife was trapped inside the truck, and the boys sprang into action. First, the trio got additional help from two other bystanders -- an older man in a back brace and a woman in a military uniform -- and then coordinated a five-man lift to flip the truck over, all while the automobile's engine compartment was lapped by flames.

The group effort overturned the truck in time for the woman to escape without further incident, ensuring that everyone in the accident survived without any significant harm.

All in a day's work for humanitarian linemen in the middle of Indiana. While normal civilians might have considered the near-World's Strongest Man feat an act of heroic intervention, the three football players hardly seemed surprised that they pulled off the feat at all.

"We're football players and I knew we could do it," Fischer told the Herald.

Added Kempf: "We had to flip the truck over. It was just a midsize truck."

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